Friday, December 5, 2008

Lazy day

I went out this morning and met up with my best friend, gave her some things she hadn't been able to come by and pick up. We did some shopping, well she shopped and I was kind of along for the ride except for the final present for the hubby. I got him a mini beer brewing kit I think he is gonna love it! He has been bugging me for a brewing kit for some time now. My poor dog got sick again, I think he may have gotten car sick he seems okay now. Tonight is bowling night for hubby, while he is bowling I am headed to moms to wrap some presents up and make some fudge for a glass meeting mom and I are going to tomorrow giving the weather is okay. Well I am gonna bundle up in my chair and stay all cozy till its time to take hubby to bowling.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Snowy day in December

Today is cold outside!! Its been snowing outside all day long, not acumulating to much but its still acumulating. Today I have done some torching, I made an angel for a friend to give to her MIL for christmas. I have cleaned some beads, I still have alot of beads to photograph. Taking a break from torching and cleaning. Sorry I don't have a lot to say but its been a pretty boring day.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its once again been a while since i have posted. I have been dealing with a sick puppy. Poor little guy. I have some new beads up on the ebay a 74 bead orphan set and a pretty set up on etsy called autumn frost. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had lots of spectacular food. OOOOHHH it was so delicious! Well I have to hit the torch pack some things up I have sold and make some dinner so till the next time.

Friday, November 21, 2008


In 8 hrs I get my moms and my furniture delivered, we spent the evening taking out the old furniture and cleaning the living room making space for the new. I pulled a muscle in my side in the process (Ouch). We spent so much time removing and organizing that I didn't get any beads made :( I am hoping for beads tomorrow. I haven't made any all week, I feel like my mojo is gone. I want to make beads but have no idea of what to make. Well its late and I have to get up fairly early so I will chat at everybody later. Good night. Lindz

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its been a good 3 days!!

Wow, what a great couple of days!

Sat: I went to a bead meeting with a bunch of lampworkers from around the area, what a blast. Good food, good times and Great people. Dilly was such a great host. I can't wait till next months meeting!

Sun: Mom and I went Dreamers Furniture (They were auctioning off everything they had!) They had awesome deals! We ended up getting a 3pc living room set, 2 wall mirrors, a dresser, and a kitchen table.

Mon: We went to p/u our mirrors and see the prices of things and possibly get a bed frame so I don't get anymore scars on my shins from my bed. We were waiting on one to bid on and a lady who had won the auction for an awesome set came up and asked if we would take over her bid as she thought it was a king size frame not a queen, we got an awesome bedroom set, and got to go home.

Today: I got some secret santa items from some LE members! You guys are the best (all LE members Rock, so kind and generous!! I sent out a couple of Secret santa gifts myself, and plan to send out some more before christmas!

here is to hoping the rest of the week goes just as good!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

well, I didn't accomplish a whole lot today except for cleaning the garage out, well minus a friends motor cycle. Still wondering when they are going to take it back to their house, hmmm should probably ask that or start charging rent. I took quite a few bead pics today and

listed these on etsy

and listed these on Ebay

If your interested in them both etsy and ebay links are on the right side.

Off to bed for me, hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hey everyone, I went to the Dr. this week and am feeling much better. I planned on making beads all day today (had a great day on the torch yesterday I'll try to get some pics up for everyone tomorrow) I instead went out with my mom to look at tile for her house. We got back to my house and had a delicious chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and stuffing, YUMM. Well its late, I will try to blog more often. Lindz