Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Its been a good 3 days!!

Wow, what a great couple of days!

Sat: I went to a bead meeting with a bunch of lampworkers from around the area, what a blast. Good food, good times and Great people. Dilly was such a great host. I can't wait till next months meeting!

Sun: Mom and I went Dreamers Furniture (They were auctioning off everything they had!) They had awesome deals! We ended up getting a 3pc living room set, 2 wall mirrors, a dresser, and a kitchen table.

Mon: We went to p/u our mirrors and see the prices of things and possibly get a bed frame so I don't get anymore scars on my shins from my bed. We were waiting on one to bid on and a lady who had won the auction for an awesome set came up and asked if we would take over her bid as she thought it was a king size frame not a queen, we got an awesome bedroom set, and got to go home.

Today: I got some secret santa items from some LE members! You guys are the best (all LE members Rock, so kind and generous!! I sent out a couple of Secret santa gifts myself, and plan to send out some more before christmas!

here is to hoping the rest of the week goes just as good!

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